Gen Lantto


About Me


Hi friends! I'm Gen! I'm an Austin, TX based writer, crafter, social media-er, and all around creative person!

I'm entirely self-taught in many of my hobbies - website building, audio editing, sewing, cooking, you name it. I earned a Bachelors in Mass Communication and Media Studies the summer of 2018, and I also have a lot of hands-on experience with community management and moderation, as well as practical personal experience with pretty much every form of social media! I also have several years of experience in working and volunteering at conventions, from being a freelancer running errands to being Deputy Department Head, as well as nearly a decade of experience in customer service positions!

When I'm not working on all the things seen here, I'm playing DnD, watching endless Pokemon playthroughs, napping, or spending time with my cat and friends!


All photos on this site are used with permission under the Creative Commons License, or are owned by Gen Lantto.