Gen Lantto


Resume and Experience

Convention Experience

PAX Enforcer and Deputy Department Head for Enforcer Welfare
August 2017 to the present
Penny Arcade – Seattle, Washington and San Antonio, Texas

· Deputy Department Head for the Enforcer Welfare team. Responsibilities included leading setup and teardown, managing inventory, unloading and organizing deliveries, and distributing product as needed, as well as supervising the shift managers and other Enforcers.
· Accepted to the 2018 Exhibitor Assistant team at PAX West. Responsibilities included acting as the exhibitor’s liaison to the show, keeping a section of the exhibit floor running smoothly, manage lines and crowds, and ensuring that attendees are having the best experience possible.
· Member of the PAX West 2017 Satellite Theaters team, with tasks including line management, keeping a running count of attendees so as not to go over our room limit, loading and unloading the theater, assisting panelists with set up, and checking attendee badges for legitimacy. 

RTX Event Austin 2016 - 2019, and London 2017 and 2018
RoosterTeeth Productions - Austin, TX

· Co-Team Lead for the London 2018 Signatures team. Was responsible for assigning squad leads and members, supervising all signing sessions, ensuring talent and PAs were taken care of, making sure attendees had a great experience as well as solving any concerns they had, and monitoring signing lengths, as well as all previous signatures team duties.
· Lieutenant for the Austin 2018 and 2019 Signatures team. Responsibilities included supervising signing sessions, supporting team leads in impromptu tasks, assisting with covering breaks for the team, as well as all prior signings responsibilities. 
· Squad Lead for the main autograph booth as part of the London 2017 Signatures team. Managed and organized autograph sessions, validated attendee tickets, answered questions from attendees, coordinated with team leads, personal assistants, and talent regarding signing sessions, and ensured all sessions ran smoothly, and on time.
· Member of the Austin 2017 Signatures team, which involved line management, keeping track of attendee numbers, adapting signing rules per team lead and special guest requests, keeping signing sessions on time, and answering attendee questions. 
· Part of the Freelance team in 2016, which involved acquiring supplies for staff and volunteers, keeping track of payables, managing large lines, and being accommodating to an assortment of tasks
     -  Supported panel room managers by helping load attendees in and out of panel rooms, co-coordinating special guest seating, manning Q+A microphones and lines, and working with tech and convention center staff

Podcon 2017
Seattle, Washington

· Member of the signings team, managing lines, checking attendees in for their signings, communicating rules, and ensuring guest and attendee happiness and satisfaction.

AniMinneapolis 2017
Minneapolis, MN

· Stationed in the Con Operations room, answering questions from attendees, other staff members, and special guests. Responsibilities included finding and contacting the guest relations manager, helping special guests receive their welcome packets, and validating parking. 
· Managed the lost and found, guest and attendee· registration, and deploying other volunteers and department head discretion.

Matsuricon 2015
Columbus, Ohio

· Coordinated handing out tickets for each signature session, managing lines for the tickets, and then for the signature sessions themselves. (Signatures were first come-first served, there was no pre-registering or lottery system in place, it was a very small convention) 
· Answered questions from attendees, PAs about where to bring their guests, and the guests themselves about how the signature situation was going to work.

Community and Social Media Management

I have assisted with running several community groups on Facebook surrounding various podcasts, which has included content curation, moderation, and establishing and maintaining a safe and friendly environment. 
I have also taken on the producer and editor role for one of  Rooster Teeth’s largest community group’s podcast, as well as managing their community and social media presence. ( Responsibilities with RT LGBT+ have included managing social media during popular livestreams, working with other community leaders to organize and promote events, as well as planning and organizing our annual live events at RTX Austin and RTX London.

Retail and Customer Service

Shift Supervisor and Trainer
August 2014 to December 2018
Starbucks - Mall of America, Minnesota, and Austin, Texas

· Open and close the store, and supervise shifts of three to ten coworkers and delegate tasks
· Manage all the money in the store and prepare deposits for the bank
· Perform inventory counts and place and receive orders
· Provide excellent customer service and solve customer concerns
· Welcome and provide training to new baristas

Cafe Lead
May 2013 to August 2014
Barnes and Noble - Edina, Minnesota

· Perform inventory counts and place and receive orders
· Interact with customers and provide excellent customer service and solve customer problems as they arise.
· Open and close the cafe and clean and maintain a welcoming cafe environment

Education and Certifications

Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona
Bachelors in Mass Communication and Media Studies
Graduated August 2018

Minnetonka High School Minnetonka, Minnesota
Graduated June 2012

Google AdWords Certified
Valid until August 2019